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Entertainment for childrenat a Hotel in Milano Marittima

Entertainment, games and lots of fun!
We are the best hotel in Milano Marittima with entertainment for children and adults!
Our fantastic team of entertainers guarantees a wide program proposal for all ages and you will always find them available in spaces dedicated to families: experience the magic of having fun together on holiday at Metropolitan Beach!

Discover our vast entertainment program for every age group by the hour.
In the bedroom, the following are always available upon request:
  • Night-light
  • Bottle warmers
  • Shower box
  • Camping bed
  • Milk for the night
At the Restaurant:

Each day you can request:
  • Salt-free vegetable soups
  • Salt-free vegetable broths
  • Pasta to cook
It's time to start having fun with new friends and the Mini Club entertainers!
Every day fun activities designed for leisure are planned according to schedule.
  • Morning at the beach from 10 am to midday
  • Afternoon in the Hotel from 4 to 6 pm
In addition, Pinoland the children’s playroom is always open for hours of fun!!
  • Soft playground
  • Latest-generation interactive games
The Young Club is dedicated to a special age in which you are still a bit of a child, but you enter the world of adolescence. Our entertainers prepared activities designed just for them, with lots of games, fun and moments to get together with new friends.
  • Entertainer dedicated entirely to kids
  • Beach Activities from 10 am to midday
  • Hotel Activities from 4 to 6 pm
There is also a dedicated area where kids can express all their liveliness!

Pinoland Junior Room:
  • Playstation 4
  • X-box
In this beautiful age you become a full-fledged adolescent and you have a lot of desire to have fun with your peers, that's why the Teen Club was born, with programs that change every day!
  • Sports Tournaments
  • Gatherings
  • Hiking
  • DJ course
  • Entertainer for a day
But fun for kids continues until evening! Our young guests will have the opportunity to perform and feel a sense of belonging to theentertainment team!

"typical" day at the Metropolitan Beach

We offer the perfect mix of relaxation, fun and sport

09:30 Good morning Team
09:45 Sun salutation
10:00 Miniclub, Young Club and Muscle Awakening: ColorRadio, GiocoSport begin!
11:00 Water Gym on the beach and in the swimming pool
11:30 Group dances
12:00 Aperitif game
13:00 Bon Appetit at the restaurant (crazy moment)
16:00 card tournaments begin
16:30 Sport GO GO - Maxi/Junior club
17:30 Special Event (zumba, group dances, latinos…)
18:00 Fine Miniclub and Relaxation time at the Beach (yoga, pilates, gag)
21:00 Baby Dance
21:30 Color Show: show, cabaret, musicals, games night, dance evening and kid's show evening.
22:00 Dancing under the stars
22:45 Goodnight Color!


Metropolitan Beach turns into a real Funfair! The hotel becomes an amusement park for one night every weekwhere the entertainers play the role of merry-go-round and acrobats, and the chefs turn into confectionery masters, preparing many delicacies for all.

My Italy

An evening of songs, dance and excellent traditional cuisine so that you can enjoy the best of the Italian tradition

Typical Romagna dinner: a delicious typical dinner to savor the best local food
My Italy Evening: an evening to rediscover the most beautiful songs and dances of the Italian tradition together

Color explosion

A kaleidoscope of colors, emotions and colored powder will make your holiday truly magical. We do not want to reveal anything to you in advance but be prepared to take a trip inside the rainbow.

Color Toys

Do not leave your toys in a corner, take them to the hotel and you will get points on your Color Card! We only accept toys in good condition and complete pieces to allow our junior guests to have even more fun, al lthanks to you! The accepted games are:
  • Stuffed animals (10 bonus points)
  • Lego with box and all pieces (20 points)
  • Complete society games (20 points)
  • Children’s books (5 points)
* Upon arrival we will evaluate which toys can be picked up together and credit your points directly on the Color Card.

Foam Party

A moment of pure joy that involves not only the little ones but also the adults! As if by magic a soft white foam will envelop everyone turning the beach of Color Metropolitan Beach Family Hotel into a white cloud!

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June: Finally Summer!

Endless days under the sun of Milano Marittima!
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