The best hotel in Milano Marittima with entertainment for your children

Our fantastic animation team ensures a rich program of proposals for children and adults: the animators are always available in the spaces dedicated to the family: discover the magic animation for your holiday at the Metropolitan Beach!

The magic Metropolitan Summer animation program

In the room are always available on request:

  • Night lamp
  • Baby Bottle Warmer
  • Baby bath tub
  • Camping bed
  • Milk for the night

At the Restaurant:

Every day you can find and request all the ingredients without salt:

  • Vegetables soups
  • Vegetables broths
  • Children pasta
And now is the time to start to socialize and get rid of parents....with kids club!

Every day rich sports and recreational activities at different timing

 At the beach in the morning from 10:00 to 12:00

 In the afternoon at the Hotel from 16:00 to 18:00

 PINOLAND the play room for children

 is always open so that nobody will get bored
Area soft play
New generation interactive games
This is the most particular age, they are not children nor adolescents, but they want to make a REVOLUTION!
For this reason our animators staff created the YoungClub

Animator entirely dedicated to children

Beach activities from 10:00 to 12:00

Activities in the Hotel from 16:00 to 18:00

Even for them there is a dedicated area where they can give free rein to their vivacity!

Pinoland Junior Hall:
PlayStation 4
Pure adolescence! But this does not stop us!

For teenagers we have designed special programs which vary each day, because with them programs are only waste-paper!

Only for them we created the TEEN CLUB

Sports tournaments
Moments of aggregation
DJ course
Animator for a day
Fun for Teenagers does not end at 18:00! In the evening, our TEEN guests will have the opportunity to perform and feel part of the entertainment team!

The “typical” day

09:30 Hello Team
09:45 Sun greeting
10:00 Miniclub, Young Club and Muscular Awakening start: ColorRadio, PlaySport!
11:00 aqua gym on the beach and at the pool
11:30 Group dances
12:00 Game Aperitif
13:00 Good appetite at the restaurant (crazy moment)
16:00 Start sedentary tournaments of cards
16:30 Sport at GO GO - Maxi club/Junior club
17:30 Special Event (zumba, group dances, latin…)
18:00 End Miniclub and relaxing time at the beach (yoga, pilates, gag)
21:00 Baby dance
21:30 Color Show: Show, cabaret, musical, games evening, dancing and children Show
22:00 Dancing under the stars
22:45 Goodnight Color!


Luna Park

The whole village transforms into a real Amusement Park!

Every week, for an entire evening the hotel turns into an amusement park: our entertainers will disguise themselves as carnies and jugglers and the Chefs will become Confectionery Masters ready to prepare lots of delicacies for you. 

Amusement Park-like games, chocolate fountains, fruit waterfalls, tiny colored doughnuts, Pop-Corn, Candyfloss and many other sweets await you!

My Italy

An evening divided in two to entertain you with the best of Italian musical culture.

Traditional Romagna Dinner: enjoy an evening in the atmosphere of Romagna
Evening Italia Mia: an evening where you will re-discover the most beautiful songs and dances of the Italian tradition.

Color explosion

An explosion of colours, emotions and coloured powder will make your holiday an unforgettable experience.
It is impossible to explain you what you will live but be prepared to be surrounded by all the colours of the rainbow.

Color Toys

Do not leave your toys in a corner or in the cellar, bring them in the Hotel and you will earn some points on your Color Card.

We will only accept toys in good condition and complete with all the parts to allow our small guests to have more fun thanks to you
The toys that you can bring are:
  • Plush toys (10 bonus points) 
  • Lego with box and all the pieces (20 points) 
  • Board Games complete (20 points)
  • Books for children (5 points) 
* At the time of your arrival we will evaluate together which toys may be accepted by us and the points will be directly credited on your Color Card!

Foam Party

A time of celebration that will involves not only children but also adults: a white foam will wrap all guests making the beach of Color King Marte Village a soft cloud!
An unforgettable vacation?
Enjoy it with us at the Metropolitan Beach! all the offers

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